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Educational Philosophy

Cornerstone Academy is a place where every student is valued and supported. We understand that learning is not one-size-fits-all, so we organize students in multiage classrooms that are tailored to match each student’s unique learning level. Our skilled faculty are trained in multisensory methods that make learning engaging and fun for all students.

This blended learning approach empowers students to learn at their appropriate level of challenge in a small group environment that encourages them to grow. Our favorable 12:1 student-to-teacher ratio allows us to provide close guidance and support to each pupil and ensures that learners receive the personalized care and support necessary for success.

This blended learning method empowers learners to acquire knowledge at a level of difficulty suited to them in a small group setting that fosters their development. With a favorable 12:1 learner-to-instructor ratio, we can offer personalized guidance and assistance to each pupil, guaranteeing they get the personalized care necessary for success.

Our academic program offers: 

  • An exceptional Christian education that employs a variety of research-informed methods with a Biblical worldview to facilitate the personal and academic development of each child while deeply rooting them in their faith and moral values.

  • Interdisciplinary instruction, application of Biblical principles, and collaboration with families and spiritual leaders, to equip young believers to stand firm in their faith and be successful in any arena they pursue.

  • A comprehensive academic curriculum to instruct the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, History, Visual Art, and Performing Arts as well as various electives, including Art, Technology, Drama, Music, and Physical Education. 

  • Multisensory instruction lessons that meet the needs of every student.

  • Monthly field trips that support our academic instruction, while also building a close-knit community.

Homeschool Umbrella Program

Cornerstone’s Homeschool Umbrella Program provides accountability, guidance and encouragement to families with students grades K-12 who wish to provide their children with a Christian values-based education through home instruction. Our Homeschool Umbrella families become part of the extended Cornerstone family, with opportunities to join us in various learning experiences and school events.

The Cornerstone Academy Homeschool Umbrella:

  • Partners with you to ensure that you are providing  “regular, thorough instruction” in the subjects that would commonly be taught within particular grades.


  • Provides support in your homeschooling decisions, and helps find educational resources and curricula that might best suit your learner.


  • Conducts a curriculum review at the beginning of the year and a mid-year portfolio review (containing work samples from all disciplines).  


  • Assists your home education program in meeting the requirements of Maryland’s home instruction laws, as found in the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR 13A.10.01).


  • Provides an opportunity for High School students to earn a diploma issued by Cornerstone Academy and participate in graduation ceremonies.


  • Offers opportunities to attend school field trips and weekly Chapel services on the Cornerstone Academy campus.

bible study

Biblically Integrated Learning

Daily Devotions

Middle and High School students meet in Homeroom classes each morning for a time of devotion.  Students have a time to read from the Bible, discuss its practical application to their daily lives, and share in a time of prayer each morning before starting their day.

Weekly Chapel

As an entire school community, we gather together once a week for a time of collective worship, prayer, and exploration of God’s Word.  Together, we sing songs, participate in Chapel talks, and pray for the needs within our community.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students to also participate in utilizing their own God-given talents, where they are invited to help lead in scripture reading, running media, and utilizing their musical abilities to worship the Lord.

Biblical Integration

We instruct each class with a biblical worldview in mind.  Biblical principles are woven throughout every subject, and students are taught to both see and practically apply the truth of God’s Word to their everyday lives.


Danielle Ngalibika


Carleen Clarke


Kelly Griffin


Homeschool Umbrella Coordinator

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Kimberly Kirk


Khadijah Lettman


Kendall Nelson

Business Manager

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Teacher’s Assistant

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