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"Welcome to Cornerstone Academy, where our dedication lies in educating and preparing the entire body of Christ. Our approach combines well-structured, interactive instruction that caters to diverse learning styles. We ensure every student receives tailored challenges to unlock their full potential, all within a compassionate, Christ-centered environment."

walking to class

Our Mission

To deliver a high-caliber education focused on academic excellence, global citizenship, and spiritual and personal development with a biblical worldview.


Founded in 2001 by Mike and Martha Zeher, Cornerstone Academy was established to provide specialized instruction for children with learning differences. The Zehers recognized a great need in their community, and other families experienced the intensified stress of parenting a child with learning difficulties. Feeling a burden to meet that need, the Zehers initially sought to develop a Special Education department in a larger Christian school, so that students with learning differences could be served with excellence alongside their general education peers. But when that did not seem feasible, Cornerstone Academy was established as its own school for students with learning differences.

Now, the initial vision of Cornerstone’s founders is being realized.  Cornerstone remains an educational haven for students diagnosed with learning differences while welcoming students of all learning styles and abilities. Through compassionate instruction and scaffolding, Cornerstone is committed to educating and equipping the whole body of Christ.

Our Approach


We achieve this through instruction that is structured and multi-sensory.  Appropriate supports in all subject areas are provided for each student. Students are placed in small classes with a teacher and an assistant as needed, where skills are broken down into the smallest possible component and directly taught. The instruction is systematic, and skills are taught until mastery is achieved. Each student is appropriately challenged to reach their full potential.   


Core Values


of self, beliefs, purpose, and calling

We strive to help each Cornerstone Academy student discover and develop a clear sense of their God-given identity, purpose and calling.  Our desire is for students to cultivate a firm understanding of what they believe and explore valuable ways they can activate their unique characteristics for God’s glory.


academic excellence with practical application

We support each student to reach their fullest academic potential.  Our classes are multi-grade level groups that meet the appropriate level of challenge for each child.  Our teachers instruct using multisensory lessons that meet the needs of every student.


spiritual disciplines and evangelism

Our aim is to make disciples who become disciple-makers. Whether in daily devotion, weekly Chapel, or in student-led clubs, we give our students an opportunity to both participate in and lead discussion that will deepen their understanding of the tenets of the Christian faith at their level and show them that they, too, can participate in the Great Commission at any age and in any place. 

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